Time waits for no-one

There is a lot of inequality in life.


Status, money, wealth, luck – you name it.


But there is one thing where we all stand equal.


We ALL have 24 hours in a day.


24 hours to do the most with, or the least with.


24 hours to move forward in life or backward.


It is very interesting to see those who are often the busiest and most successful, make time to exercise.


And to counter that, those who often do not have that much on (although they believe the opposite) make excuses for why they cannot.


So why do the most successful and often the busiest make time to exercise? It’s simple, it enables them to be more productive with other things that are important.







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Grant Koch
Weight loss made easy - NEAT

Weight loss made easy.


Just a few years ago most people were looking at and even blaming their hormones for the reason that they were not losing weight. Gluten too, but that’s another story.


Hormones and gluten aside, today many fit pros still go down this route. Now I am not saying hormones do not have their role in successful weight loss or lack thereof but how much we can do about them is hotly debated. In my opinion we cannot do a whole lot, naturally at least.


But over the last few years’ things have taken a turn for the better.


One of the big players that is getting a lot of attention, is the role of NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis)

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Greggs- a healthy diet ?

This pic has been doing the rounds as of yesterday, some of you may have come across it.


It seems to have divided many fit pros on whether it is a good thing and what message does it promote.


Is this a healthy sample diet?


Like any balanced view the term context comes into play. If you are one of those people who happens to eat out a lot of the time and shops at Greggs, then changing to these foods could definitely help you lose weight and be a bit healthier.


In reality how many people who go to Greggs on a regular basis are interested in making daily health seeking decisions. Probably not many.


How many watch portions, count calories, make vegetables a priority?


And here is the issue.

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Grant Koch
Breakfast - the most important meal for weight loss?

Breakfast - the most important meal for weight loss?


Yesterday I wrote briefly about 10 simple weight loss hacks anyone can do.




Reflecting on the post I thought I would spend some time breaking things down a bit point by point,


So hopefully some of you find this of use


Is breakfast the most important meal of the day for weight loss?


Does it make any difference at all?


I don’t know about you but I was brought up with the belief- NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT EATING BREAKFAST


I shudder to think what would happen if I did ;)


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10 Diet Hacks for Simple Weight Loss

10 weight loss hacks so simple anyone can do.


Weight loss does not have to be complicated and take over your life for it to be successful.


I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 15 years now and biggest question that keeps coming back is, how do I lose weight and keep it off.


Sometimes us fit pros have a way of over complicating things but here are a few tools to get you on the way to shedding the pounds.



1.     Eat your first meal of the day whenever you are hungry – if you are hungry for breakfast, great have it.


 If you are not hungry for breakfast, then maybe wait till later in the day when you   are. Caveat, choose well with the first meal.




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