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Body Novo is an online evidence based nutrition and training company, owned and run by husband and wife team Grant & Dagne Koch. With over 25 years of combined coaching experience and continuous education, we have the framework for you to succeed.

Our mission is to assist YOU in your health and fitness goals with tailor made training and nutrition plans, along with personal support.

What we would like to say to every potential client:

 Your body is your most precious asset. Make the most of it. Look after it and it will look after you. It is never too late to start, it is not impossible to change. Many of you would have tried and failed at many different approaches, but that is ok. Let us help you find what works for you. You have your own unique set of strengths and abilities. Book in a consultation today so we can discuss how best to help you in your situation.


Our philosophies are built around support, accountability and adherence. You can have the best laid out plans but if you cannot stick to them, they do not amount to much.


Fat loss model

Fat loss model



Clients we work with:

  • General Population
  • Fitness Professionals and Enthusiasts
  • Physique Athletes / Bodybuilders
  • Powerlifters
  • Combat Athletes
  • Endurance and Ultra Endurance Athletes
  • Corporates / Small Busines

Services we offer:

  • Weight loss / Fat Loss
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Optimal Health Screening
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Body Composition Programming
  • Strength Based / Power Lifting Programming
  • Corporate Health and Fitness Talks


Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the results we deliver !

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fat loss transformation 

fat loss transformation 

What we offer

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What our clients have to say:

body transformation 

body transformation 


I’ve always struggled with weight since my early childhood. Went through few personal trainers and countless amount of different diets. everything failed and at my worst I was size 16! Pretty bad.. Then I’ve met Jayne Lo who introduced me to her coach Grant. I’ve joined team Body Novo from 01/06/2015 with weight 69kg and 28% of body fat. His approach of flexible dieting and structured training plans as much as his support with every single thing I needed to know made me by 01/11/2015 drop weight on 57kg and 18% body fat. I can’t describe how grateful I am for this to happen! This whole community changed my relationship with food, completely! My personal life and views are much better, I feel happier, healthier, stronger and now I finally have body I’ve always dreamt of! Not that it’s stopping me here, bodybuilding stage is my next stop and it’s something wouldn’t even think of only six months ago. 


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