Why you must train weights if you want to lose fat and look great naked.

Why you must train weights if you want to lose fat and look great naked.

Most of us who are into fitness do so for the reason of looking and feeling better about ourselves. Rightly or wrongly so a lot of our self-confidence is closely linked to our body image, of how we look and feel about ourselves.

A common question that is often asked is what is the best form of exercise- well it’s the one that you will actually do. Whilst this might be true it doesn’t tell the whole picture.

Now I fully admit I might be a little biased here but if you truly wish to dramatically change your physique, and focus on fat loss and body sculpting as opposed to pure weight loss (yes there is a big difference) then maybe a little less time on the cross trainer and a little more under the bar.

So here are a few of my favorite reasons to train weights:

It is one of the few forms of exercise that allows you to burn body fat and create shapely muscles at the same time. Most forms of cardio can be great for fat loss but when you lose that fat if there is no muscle tone you might not like what you see. Weight training not only allows you to burn fat but also shape and tone your muscles.

It makes you bad ass. I have seen this time and time again, especially from women. When they start a well thought out resistance program and they start to get strongest, see their glutes pop and hamstrings tighten they often outperform some guys in the gym. As a result of this confidence soars. Being strong brings a sense of empowerment that isn’t often seen elsewhere.

Having more lean muscle can speed up your metabolic rate. No other form of exercise does this to the extent of having more lean muscle. It might not make the biggest difference in the long run but I know I would rather do something that improves my metabolism than losing all my muscle and slowing it down.

It is of the best methods of anti-aging out there. When we get older out testosterone tends to drop, muscle loss occurs, possible osteoporosis, the risk of type 2 diabetes...

All of these are things that reduce the quality of life. But weight training can prevent or delay a lot of his happening and keep you young. I mean who doesn’t want to live out their years being able to do what you choose to and enjoy the freedom of health and fitness.

There are many more benefits, but this would become a ridiculously long post. So I would encourage you if you haven’t yet thought about weight training as a viable option to give it a go! I guarantee you won’t be sorry.

Grant Koch