Time waits for no-one

There is a lot of inequality in life.


Status, money, wealth, luck – you name it.


But there is one thing where we all stand equal.


We ALL have 24 hours in a day.


24 hours to do the most with, or the least with.


24 hours to move forward in life or backward.


It is very interesting to see those who are often the busiest and most successful, make time to exercise.


And to counter that, those who often do not have that much on (although they believe the opposite) make excuses for why they cannot.


So why do the most successful and often the busiest make time to exercise? It’s simple, it enables them to be more productive with other things that are important.



Wouldn’t it be great to be full of energy, keep the mind clear and focused and have a feeling of productivity in the day? Most of us would love it.


Exercise can give this to you, without question.


I speak to a lot of people on a daily basis about looking after themselves and taking their health seriously.


And there are often two excuses that come up.


I don’t have time,


Or I am waiting for the perfect time to commit.


Often when we go into detail the time issue on what an actual day is like, we find there is plenty of time to exercise – and that the issue is only really an excuse. The time to exercise is only there if you make it.


A little less social media, TV, unproductive work. That’s all you need


Do you need to spend hours in the gym to be effective?


Not at all. You can do wonders with 30 min a few times a week, and everyone has that!


What about the right time to start something – when your schedule is all clear?


Well, that will never really happen, will it? There will always be something else, something more important if you do not make the time to look after yourself.

Exercise doesn’t need to rule your life, but if you want the most out of what you do, then make time for it.


If you are a working professional or entrepreneur and have been feeling shattered and unproductive of late, have a good look at yourself and how you manage your time.


Are you putting enough effort into your health, mind, and body?


Maybe just working harder and spinning in circles isn’t the answer?


And be honest with yourself – is time just an excuse that is easy to use!


You only have one body and if your health goes the rest goes along with it.


Grant Koch