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What we offer:

At Body Novo we meet you where you are at. Whether you are a busy executive, a working mother, have steadily put on weight over the years with the best intentions to finally get rid of it for good, we meet you where you are now.

Perhaps you are on the other end of the spectrum, an athlete looking to perform at your highest level but not sure of what you can do to improve. Maybe you are a fitness professional looking to finally get that ripped look you have been working at for so long but are not sure of the final few steps, with a photo shoot or physique show in mind.

We have helped countless people just like you, people that desperately want to change, that value their health but there is something they cannot put their finger on that keeps holding them back. That is where we come in. Mentorship and accountability combined with personal experience and an evidence based approach. In fact many of the over commercial weight class groups base there success on this sole principal of support. Their diet and nutrition principles are often poor but the research is clear that even with a poor approach accountability and support can negate some of this. But what happens when science meets mentorship and support.

What happens when you are able to follow something that is actually designed for you and not some generic programme along with all the positives of being accountable and supported through the process?

 That is when true and amazing life changes are possible. We are proud to say this is what we offer at Body Novo.


Our services include:

  • Performance diet & nutrition for general population
  • Training & exercise programs for general population
  • Performance Nutrition for Physique Athletes
  • Training Plans for Physique Athletes
  • Performance Nutrition for Powerlifters
  • Training Plan for Powerlifters 
  • Performance Nutrition for Combat Sports
  • Performance Nutrition for Team and Power Sports
  • Performance Nutrition for Endurance Sports 
  • Corporate Workshops





Sample programs 

Nutrition plan

Nutrition plan



training program

training program


When I came to Grant, I was a serious mess. I had spent the better part of a year following bad, generic advice from several coaches and trainers with a goal of competing in my first bikini show (which I was forced to abandon). I was left with a sluggish metabolism and severe fatigue from crash dieting, a horrible relationship with food, and I wasn't seeing any results from my training. Months of overly stringent dieting and a history of eating disorders meant that when Istopped contest prep, I gained a ton of excess fat from out-of-control binge eating and became very depressed as a result.  What's more, I had just undergone surgery and had to stay away from the gym for a month.

My first day under Grant's wing was the first day I was allowed back in the gym, and he had his work cut out for him designing training plans that took into account my recovery from surgery and could also still help towards my goal of gaining muscle. From that first day until today, Grant has always been with me in the gym. His training plans are already beyond detailed and thoughtful, with descriptions and links to demo videos when needed, and they always take into account my own physique and areas of weakness, my injuries and my limitations. Whether it's through Skype conversations about theproper form or desired intensity of a workout, frantic messages asking for a substitute exercise if a machine is unavailable, or the videos I often send him to double check on my form, I always have access to his knowledge, feedback and encouragement...

... And let me tell you... IT HAS WORKED! The results I have seen with Grant have blown my mind. I had so many nay-sayers telling me that a natural female athlete couldn't build the amount of muscle I wanted in an entire year, that I wouldn't be able to build muscle so soon after surgery, or that calf size is genetic and I was stuck with what I had... And they were all wrong. In a mere two months of following Grant's training plans, I saw far more progress than in all my three years of weight training! My friends, family, and training partners alike are in awe of the transformation.

But perhaps the most important thing that Grant has done for me is to change the way that I view dieting and nutrition and the relationship that I have with food. After months of eating the same exact food every day, with no substitutions or variations, I felt hopelessly restricted and found myself constantly starving and waiting agonizingly for my next meal. Or, when my will would give out, I would binge horribly and be penalized with hours of cardio and sweating in the sauna. Grant is the only coach who has had the compassion and concern to talk with my about my issues with food and to find solutions that have truly worked for me. I am now in a place where I am very happy and relaxed about my diet and am so excited about my meals every day, even though Grant always makes sure that the food I'm eating is nutritionally balanced and conducive to my goals. I no longer have any binging urges, and can enjoy eating with friends and family on social occasions. Miraculously, I'm now shedding fat faster than ever... And without a day of cardio! I feel and look a thousand times better than the girl who wrote her first teary email to Grant just over three months ago, desperately hoping that this was the person who could turn it all around...

And he was. I can't say it enough: if you want someone with the knowledge and experience, the scientifically objective and dogma-free approach, the care and compassion, the attention to detail, and the passion necessary to get you to your goals, that man is Grant. I will never be able to thank him enough for all he has already done for me!