The missing link to better body composition

If someone wants to lose weight and be healthier they often focus on two things. Nutrition and exercise.
But in my opinion, the most overlooked part of the equation is sleep. Most of us just don’t have a clue how important good quality sleep is and what the implications are of not getting enough.
So how many of you would like to avoid the following
poor stress responsivity; somatic problems; reduced quality of life (QoL); emotional distress; mood disorders and other mental health problems; cognition, memory, and performance deficits; and behavior problems. (this is in healthy adults by the way)
These are all possible health effects associated with only short-term sleep deprivation.
Doesn't sound too serious or life-threatening? Ok, what about the possible long-term effects:
Hypertension, dyslipidemia, CVD, weight-related issues, metabolic syndrome, and T2DM. Evidence suggests that sleep disruption may increase the risk of certain cancers and death. Sleep disruption may also worsen the symptoms of some gastrointestinal disorders.

(Sourced from Short- and long-term health consequences of sleep disruption)

Goran Medic,1,2 Micheline Wille,1 and  Michiel EH Hemels1
So there are some pretty serious health and body composition issues associated with poor sleep. The good news is that it is relatively easy to remedy and who doesn’t want a quick fix these days. This is one of the easiest ones as it doesn't require you to restrict food or find the time you don’t have to exercise.
It's an easy win that you implement today!
So what can you do to improve quality of sleep?

  • Try aim for 7-9 hours a night
  • Stay off electronic items 2 hours before sleep – if you need to read try an actual book :)
  • Keep your room as dark as possible – your skin is sensitive to light
  • Keep off electronics in the room or switch mobile devices to airplane mode
  • Avoid caffeine after 5 pm and alcohol a few hours before sleep
  • Have a nightly relaxing schedule- a time to unwind and relax
  • Try to get to sleep at the same time every night
  • Last but not least do something active each day
  • If hungry have a carb and protein meal 45 min before bed

Like I said earlier, sleep is probably the most overlooked when speaking about health and nutrition. You might feel ok and think burning the midnight oil is just a part of modern day life but you are putting your health in jeopardy.

And if you are a busy entrepreneur losing your health is the quickest way to kill your business. You cant work to your potential if you don't look after your health.
What about trying to lose weight with poor sleep? You are basically swimming upstream
Ultimately if you get this sorted out you will not only look and feel better but be more productive in the long run, have less stress and enjoy the day to day a bit more.
Happy dreaming zzzzz

Grant Koch