10 Diet Hacks for Simple Weight Loss

10 weight loss hacks so simple anyone can do.


Weight loss does not have to be complicated and take over your life for it to be successful.


I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 15 years now and biggest question that keeps coming back is, how do I lose weight and keep it off.


Sometimes us fit pros have a way of over complicating things but here are a few tools to get you on the way to shedding the pounds.



1.     Eat your first meal of the day whenever you are hungry – if you are hungry for breakfast, great have it.


 If you are not hungry for breakfast, then maybe wait till later in the day when you   are. Caveat, choose well with the first meal.



2.     Fill half your plate with vegetables. Try aim for a rainbow a week, the more colours the better. By filling our plate up with veggies, our plates look fuller but giving less calories.



3.     Count your daily steps – not literally but a pedometer is a good option. Our unconscious movement can make or break our weight loss goals. If your average steps are 5000 or below try add in an extra 50 a day till you reach 10 000.



4.     Cook a few meals from scratch for the week. Not only will you make food you enjoy but have more control of what goes in and are likely to make better choices if weight loss is your goal.



5.     Make protein important. Not only is protein important for muscle building but it can have a big impact on weight loss, as it is more satiating than other macronutrients. The fuller we feel the less likely we are to stray from the plan.



6.     Have a very specific goal in mind with an end date. It sounds obvious but weight loss is not a goal in itself. Think about how many lbs or inches you want to lose, pick a realistic end date and work towards that. Diets should only be temporary and with a finite time we are more likely to succeed.



7.     Stay hydrated. Our thirst is often masked as hunger so if it is not your regular meal time then perhaps drink something first.



8.     Eat only when hungry. Another one that sounds obvious but a quick way to put on weight is eating when not hungry. If it is not your usual meal time waiting a little will not kill you.



9.     Limit variety of tasty foods. The more interesting our foods are the more likely we are to overeat. By sticking to more basic foods for a period of time our taste buds adapt and we are less likely to over eat.


I haven’t met anyone that overate dry oatmeal and chicken breast.



10.  And last but not least control your environment. If you have boxes of goodies at home, you are only asking for trouble. Even the strongest of us will fail after a stressful day when hunger kicks in.


Remove temptation and keep the cupboard bare for the period of the diet.



These are a few of my tips.


Let me know if you agree or disagree with any of them


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Have a great evening