No time to exercise?

No time to exercise?


What’s the quickest ways to burn fat?


Bring on HIIT.


A common symptom of today is that we are all pressed for time. Working too many hours, long commutes to work, family life, social obligations, household chores…. the list goes on and on.


So where does exercise fit into the equation? Do we really have to spend a few hours a day in the gym, slumped over an exercise bike to lose that unwanted body fat?


Not at all.


This is where the magic of HIIT comes into play. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training.


It is a unique form of exercise that can get the job done in as little as 10 minutes. And anyone has 10 minutes to spare a few times a week right? Just a little less time spent channel hopping or mindlessly scrolling on social media and there it is.


So how does HIIT work?


Its based on a principle called EPOC – excess post exercise consumption.


When we exercise at a very strenuous level it causes our breathing to increase as we create an oxygen debt. Now after a strenuous bout of exercise this effect can carry on for a while. This in turn causes the body to burn calories for an extended period of time.


Think after burn effect.


So this can be a win-win for very busy people. Not only is this form of exercise very effective for getting fit and losing fat it can easily fit into almost anyone’s busy daily schedule.


There is one catch however.


You need to go “balls to the wall,” or as hard as you possibly can for that time period. A little bit of pain for a lot of gain.


If you don’t train hard enough in the short HIIT session, there will be no EPOC (after burn effect) and you are pretty much just wasting your time.


So if you choose to incorporate HIIT into your training be prepared for some discomfort whilst you do it. But it will all be worth it and the bonus is you can still get in shape and have a life outside the gym.

HIIT can be done in many forms and with endless variations of equipment. It can be done on an exercise bike, treadmill, circuit based style, outside – you name it, the list is limitless.


An old school favourite of mine is to go outside and find a football or rugby field. Sprint the length of the field, but don’t forget to time yourself. Rest the same time it took you to sprint the length of the field, then repeat the sprint. Do this 10 times and you’re done – literally.


Now I must warn you, it might sound simple but its brutal!


HIIT in my opinion is just one of the many tools you can incorporate into your regular routine to get in shape.


I would love to hear if you have had any exercise with HIIT and what your favourite HIIT workout is- please let me know.


Stay strong


Body transformation coach



Grant Koch