Trying to get your abs showing?

Trying to get your abs showing?

Don’t make this mistake.

The summer and beach weather is here, whether you are ready or not.

A lot of people will be striving for that elusive six-pack.

If this is you don’t make this mistake. If you are spending more time
doing sit-ups, crunches, planks etc. and not enough effort watching
your diet then you are guaranteed one result- to look the same as you
did before.

The sad truth is that abs are made in the kitchen and not doing
crunches. No amount of ab training will out-do a bad diet.

If you are eating in a calorie surplus and doing loads of ab work the
outcome will be simple – you will still look and feel soft in the

Now I am not saying that training the core is a waste of time, just
the opposite in fact. But there is a big difference in training the
core muscles that support your posture and mobility in a functional
way to training the six-pack show muscles.

Training them can improve tone but you cannot spot reduce fat in a
certainarea by exercising that muscle group, unfortunately.

We store fat in certain areas for a few reasons but a lot of it is
down to genetic disposition where you lose it first as well as certain
hormones. And we cannot do too much about either.

What we can do is watch our diet and eat less than we expend over
weeks and months. We can also supplement a good weight training
program and cardio plan to help burn that unwanted body fat.

This is a sure way to get the abs out looking there best. Once you
lean down you could always target a few specific exercises to better
develop them and make them look even more impressive.

Squats and lunges beat targeted ab training any day for six-pack abs.

A well-planned diet beats ab training any day for six-pack abs.

HIIT beats ab training any day for six-pack abs.

So tighten up your diet and hit the gym hard and the abs will come. Just give it time and be consistent.

Now if this is the year you truly want to be beach ready and are
committed to seeing some abs, please drop me a message.

I will happily offer anyone who is serious a free screening on what is
the best thing for them to do to get that six pack out.

Grant Koch