Your fitness questions answered

I have been working in the fitness industry for about 15 years now, give or take and the same fitness questions still come up time and time again.
These are a few of my thoughts on these topics, some of them are based on the science behind things and some are just what I have observed over the years.

  1.  Weights or cardio, what’s better for weight loss?

For pure weight loss, cardio might be better but most of us want to look better and hopefully live longer too.
For me, weights win every time. We get fat burning, lean muscle tone and other health benefits. Ideally a bit of both but if you really want to look and feel great hit the iron.

  1. What is the most effective exercise to do in the gym?

Now, this is a bit of a loaded question without context. Each exercise often has benefits and drawbacks that others might not have but if I had to pick one exercise it would be barbell squats.
Squatting works almost every muscle in the body if we get enough load on the bar. A great lower and upper workout. Also if you want to give you cardio a test try high rep back squats with short rest and as much weight on the bar as possible…. just don’t expect to do much afterwards.

  1. Should I eat breakfast?

Well that depends, are you hungry first thing in the morning and do you enjoy breakfast. Some people do really well missing breakfast and fasting till later in the day.
Others do better leaving for work with a full stomach. Try both and see what works better for you.

  1. Can I drink coffee late in the day or will it affect my sleep?

Coffee has a half-life of up to 6 hours. Meaning if you have a coffee at 6 pm then half of that caffeine is in the system at 12 am. Now, most people who are habitual coffee drinkers think this won’t affect them but they are wrong.
Coffee can prevent deep, quality sleep even if you do not feel its effects any longer. Try not drink it after 3-4pm.

  1. Is organic food really better for me?

This one is slightly more controversial but the simple answer is no. Organic food is marketed with a bit of a health halo and fear mongering to get you to spend that hard-earned extra money.
If you enjoy eating organic and it’s not breaking the piggy bank, go for it. There is no, benefit however.
These are a few questions that come up regularly. Stay tuned for part 2 later in the week.
If you have any of your own questions you want to be answered get them to me before Wednesday and I will do my best.

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Grant Koch