How ensure success

Have you ever looked at someone who is strong, great shape and exudes confidence?
I bet like most people you have. You will have probably even thought, it must be so easy for them to be like that. 
Or maybe something to the effect that they must have been born like that, or they don’t have the pressures in life that you do.
And you know something, maybe you are right. Maybe they were born that way or maybe it is easy for them.
But there is something that all successful people have in common – they show up.
Day in and day out whether they feel like it or not. They show up and do what they have to do to get what they want out of life.
And then it does become easier, you start to feel fitter and more confident as you see yourself start to change and actually enjoy the process
Because there is one guarantee if you sit on your butt and do nothing you will be in the exact same place tomorrow as you are now – frustrated, unconfident, unhappy.
I saw a great post on social media (I forget who came up with it) that said something like this,
“it might not be your fault that you are overweight and unfit – but it’s your responsibility to do something about it.”
I thought this was very true and powerful.
Some of us do have very real reasons for battling weight loss and health issues. Maybe you have a stressful job, a busy family life. Or maybe you have a medical condition that makes weight loss more difficult.
So what next? Are you doomed by your circumstances or genetics?  Absolutely not.
You can always improve but one thing is for sure. Nothing will change until you take responsibility and decide to show up.
That’s the biggest battle – just showing up at the gym or putting your training shoes on and going for that run.
I have been training for almost 30 years now and I am not always motivated and sometimes I don’t want to train. But I do it anyway, every time and I never regret it.
So I want to encourage you – show up!
If you do it daily, you will be surprised how far you will get in 3 months’ time.
Stop making excuses, take responsibility and show up.
Now if this is a good time for you to take that step then please give a shout, email or private message. Accountability, in the beginning, can often make or break how successful you are.
I would love to hear from you.

Stay strong
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