The dad bod effect

Men, I have something for you.

Over the past few years the term “dad bod” has grown in popularity and

in some circles has been seen as a badge of honour of some sorts.

If you have never heard of it before its basically the out of shape

slightly older male build. You know when guys stop exercising, lose

their muscle and gain that ever so sexy male belly. Think pale skin,

narrow shoulders, soft muscle tone and you get the idea.

It's strange how things get popular these days even through notoriety.

Now this all sounds pretty harmless, right? I mean its just a form of

natural aging, isn’t it?

Well if you think erectile dysfunction, sarcopenia, and increased risk

of cardiovascular disease are harmless then fantastic, sign me up!

Here are a few simple facts – if you are a male and you carry a large

amount of fat around your midsection combined with muscle loss because

you are too busy to exercise you are likely to be affecting your very


Your testosterone levels!

Far too many men need to reach for the quick fix of Viagra or look at

alternative medical interventions, rather than do the simplest thing

that will have the furthest reaching results.

Lose some weight and hit the gym

For most men, it's that simple. Losing weight often allows for the body to

increase its free testosterone levels. That combined with some

structured resistance training you can literally turn back the clock

on aging.

Some of the benefits of improved testosterone levels include:

· Improved mood

· Increased energy levels

· Less body fat

· Improved self-esteem

· High sex drive

· Improved confidence

· Increase lean tissue

This is just to name a few of the many benefits.

But to make it really simple. If your professional life isn’t going

how you want it to because you are often tired or lack confidence

then maybe its time to do something about your health and fitness

(they are often directly related)

Or maybe you have no sex drive or have to rely on medication. Do you

really want to do that for the rest of your life?

Well, maybe its time to do something about it!

If this is you and you want to take control of your hormones, improve

your looks and health then let’s chat.

I have a 12-week men’s program designed to help you lose 10-20lbs,

increase lean muscle tone, reduce CVD risk and put the lead back in

your pencil.

And best of all its run through Skype so we can speak at your convenience.

If you want to find out more, please message me.

Grant Koch