The most important factor of health and weight loss success

So Monday is here already, another weekend has flown by.
We finally had some lovely weather here, the sun was out, it was great to be out and about, enjoying the garden and having the first BBQ of the season. Yes, pretty early but hey, why not.
But in spite of the weather changing and being able to enjoy being outside I found the weekend a challenge. I was conflicted. I wanted to be outside and just relax. But I like many of you, have got work and study timelines to meet.
I am currently finishing up my masters in sports nutrition and sometimes I just don’t feel like sitting in front of a computer, when I could be doing other things. Sometimes I don’t feel like training when I could be doing other things. Sometimes I don’t feel like making sleep a priority, eating well – you get the picture. Even though I have been training for almost 30 years sometimes I don’t want to, but I still do. How I feel is irrelevant because deep down training is important to me.
It’s easier to lounge around, watch TV and eat junk than it is to go the gym or work on that paper you know you should be doing.
But long story short I did spend time working on my thesis, I did go train. Was I motivated to do those things? No, not at all.
But motivation is fleeting, it cannot be relied on. Discipline, however, is a completely different story. Discipline makes you do things that will ultimately leave you better off in the long run.
Discipline looks after your health. Discipline looks after your finances. Discipline beats motivation every time because discipline works when you don’t feel like it.
So I ask you, how many of you have stuck to your new year’s resolutions to go to the gym, or stick to your diet?
If you have, fantastic- I would love to hear how you have achieved it. And if not, what happened?
In my opinion, motivation is important to start something new but discipline is what keeps you going.
So I want to challenge you – are you being true to yourself or are you making excuses?
Do you have health and fitness goals? Are you going on holiday this year or perhaps have a wedding or big occasion?
Remember a short-term sacrifice often yields a long-term reward. Very few things in life feel as good as being fit, healthy and strong. It radiates to almost everything that you do.
So I want to keep this short and sweet- ask yourself how important your goals are. Be really honest. Write them down and think about them. If they truly are important make time for them.
It won’t always be easy, there is often a sacrifice but what is really worthwhile in life without hard work and sacrifice.
Stay strong
Body transformation coach
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Grant Koch